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An Experience without Equal

Diving the brand forward

Wakatobi Dive Resort is a luxury resort in southeastern Sulawesi, Indonesia. In a tranquil island setting far from crowds and cities, with no other divers for at least 100 miles, Wakatobi Resort seamlessly blends five-star amenities and civilized comforts with a pristine natural environment; a pairing that has secured its reputation as one of the world’s finest resorts. 


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Wakatobi Dive Resort | Pelagian Dive Yacht

We were hired by Wakatobi Resort in Indonesia to produce luxurious resort, dive yacht, and coral reef experiences that directly connect to the Wakatobi Resort brand promise "An Experience without Equal". Branded video is the most powerful way to engage their audience, on social media, website, at trade shows, customer events, and at film festivals.


We filmed underwater, at the resort, on the yacht, and from above, producing and distributing several promotional videos for the resort and dive yacht, as well as dozens of videos on social media channels.

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2022 See You Soon Campaign | The wait is almost over and you'll soon be able to reconnect with everything that is the magic of Wakatobi. The reefs are in pristine condition, our dive team is standing by, and our boats are ready to go. We can't wait to reconnect and spend our days together, to immerse in pristine waters, and to share a sunset view from the jetty bar.