Sharks in Paradise | French Polynesia

As we dove the southern pass of Fakarava atoll, one of the largest shark sanctuaries in the world, I estimated that there could be hundreds of sharks swimming through this narrow channel. The sharks here have been protected since 2006. The south pass of Fakarava is fished by less than a dozen people, which means healthy fish stocks, healthy predators.

During the day, the sharks are very calm, and mean no harm. They are resting and saving energy. A seemingly endless parade of sharks patrolling in front of us, a breathtaking sight.


At night, they became very active, and restfulness turned into feeding frenzy. Hundreds of hunting sharks suddenly filled the space around us. It was insane and a bit scary for sure!

I came face to face with the highest density of gray reef sharks in the world.

But even while hunting, they never harmed us, they were just very focused on the fish.


Humans kill an estimated 70 million sharks each year. It’s time to recognize that we aren’t their food, but their friends! It’s time for us to do our part to understand and sympathize with these amazing creatures before it’s too late.