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Elke is a graphic designer, brand strategist, video producer, and web designer. Originally from Europe, she brings diverse insight to any given project, using the best channels to deliver smart, cost-efficient, and creative brand solutions. Elke will listen, analyze, differentiate your organization from competitors, and find the areas for your brand to cut through the noise.

Let me help make design services and professional content accessible to your business without the cost or responsibility of hiring a production company or agency. ​ I'd be happy to collaborate with your in-house marketing team, and can work on a flexible schedule.

"I'm driven by results defined not just by what’s being sold, but guided by the mission to deliver exactly what your company needs to succeed."

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"I'm an outspoken supporter of marine wildlife conservation, making sure to help save our oceans for future generations. Ocean conservation is part of my personal and professional life."

Elke is an award-winning filmmaker, editor and underwater cinematographer whose films have shown at prestigious film festivals around the world. She is an active promoter of creative underwater filmmaking and raises awareness for marine life and ocean conservation. Elke joined the Board of Directors at the San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition (SDUFEX) in 2013, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. She is the developer, video producer and curator of